Frequently Asked Questions

• Does it cost anything to sign up?

No! Signing up with Connected Commerce is absolutely free, and we won’t spam you or charge any hidden fees. Ever. Visit our Sign Up page, or download our free mobile app.

• How do I use my Connected Commerce card?

When shopping at a participating Connected Commerce retailer, just remember to swipe your card or scan your personal QR code from our mobile app to start earning points toward great rewards!

• How do I link my physical card to the app on my phone?

After downloading the mobile app, tap the Settings tab. Then tap Loyalty Number field to enter in your loyalty number, which is located at the bottom of your Connected Commerce card.

• What if I don't have a smartphone?

You can access all of our features just by logging into your account here. And as long as your have your Connected Commerce card, you can earn points - just don't forget to swipe!

• Where can I see the rewards I’ve earned?

We'll notify you when you've earned enough points for a reward, via Email or SMS (whichever you prefer). You can always check your activity and rewards on our website, or on the mobile app - just tap the "My Rewards" tab.

• How do I redeem my deals or rewards? Do they expire?

Next time you visit your favorite Connected Commerce retailer, your reward will be on your card. Just hand it over to the cashier, and they will be immediately notified of your reward. Then, huzzah! Your rewards can expire though, depending on the business you received it from, so make haste.

• I lost my Connected Commerce card, what do I do?

For now,you can only have one Connected Commerce card per account. If you lose your card though,dont'worry! Just request a replacement card and we'll send you a new one with your number. Also,whether you have a card or not, you can always use your mobile app checkout.

• Do I have to enter my information everytime I make a purchase?

Absolutely not. We will safely store your payment information so you can order deals in a snap. You can also make payments through Paypal. Dont'worry, your information is completly safe and secure with us, but you have the option to not save your card information

• Can I return a Connected Commerce offer after I've purchased it?

Yes! You can edit your purchase on the MY Deals page until the deal closes. If you're ever having trouble redeeming your deal, we're here to help. If a business closes permanently, we will replace returned offers with Connetced Commerce credits. Any unredeemed, unprinted Connected Commerce offer may be returned within 7days purchase. In other cases where an offer is not redeemed, returns are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. For more information,consult our return policies.